ASM1As much as I love finding the little gems of the arts hidden in the woods and mountains of rural New Hampshire as I continue my sabbatical here, I do miss having easy access to the art institutions of a major metropolitan area.  I lived in Boston for several years and never for a minute took for granted the city’s wealth of cultural offerings including world-class theater, museums, and music from pop and jazz to opera and classical.

The good news is that with proper planning, a little free time and the hospitality of friends, a trip to Boston can be easily arranged to allow me to continue to experience all the city has to offer.

This weekend, I was thrilled to be invited to attend an opening weekend performance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) one of the world’s great orchestras.  The concert featured guest soloist and conductor Anne-Sophie Mutter backed by the glorious Symphony performing Mozart – how could we go wrong?

About the BSO performance: “The dazzling German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter returns to the Boston Symphony Orchestra as both soloist and conductor for a second night, Saturday, October 1, performing Mozart’s violin concertos nos. 1, 2, and 4 to begin the 2011-12 subscription season. This concert completes Mutter and the BSO’s season-opening cycle of Mozart’s violin concertos begun with the Opening Night at Symphony gala performance September 30. Ms. Mutter is celebrating 35 years on stage this season, having made her solo debut in 1976 at the Lucerne Festival at the age of 13.”

I enjoyed a visit to the big city and a great night out a the beautiful Symphony Hall in Boston to here great music played by some of the world’s best musicians. Ms. Mutter is an amazing presence on stage while playing an conducting and was a thrill to see and hear here, especially with an all-Mozart program.

I do feel we need to support the arts, especially the institutions dedicated to preserving the tradition of the worlds great composers and the glory of the classical orchestra.  If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a symphony (large or small) I encourage you to take advantage of the experience only live music can provide. 

If you do not have that option available, I highly recommend searching out a local cinema that offers the great series of live concert broadcasts of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and conductor Gustavo Duhamel.  It truly is almost as good as being there.