LFA1I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site: Lost Fond Art

If there was every a person, place or thing that fit’s the Lost Cowboy aesthetic, it is Lost Found Art.  As a life-long collector, and budding artists myself, the collections of Lost Found Art are a true inspiration and are just great.

I know I have featured these guys in the past, but I find myself going back to their site all the time to see what they are up to and be inspired.  The art I am working on (I promise to share it here in the coming weeks) is very much in line with Lost Found Art, albeit much humbler and less cool.

About Lost Found Art: “Lost Found Art is a unique design company that specializes in sculptural installations and assemblages using antique and vintage pieces. Our works are created with an eye to scale, balance, color and surface interest, and the end result is a strong visual statement that combines artistic statement, whimsy, form and uniqueness. We can customize to fit any space, décor, or point of view. Subtle or outrageous, free standing or wall mounted, our collections become the focal point of any room in your home or business. Our designs work equally well in a contemporary setting as they do in the more traditional. Lost Found Art also offers in-house consulting in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas, providing an expert eye to residential owners and businesses in order to maximize the display potential of existing personal collections.”

Lost Found Art has really put together some great collections as art.  As I have been going around to various tag sales, flea markets and auctions lately, I have kept an eye out for things that could be collected and presented together to form what I call “instant collections” – and Lost Found Art has been a true inspiration.

Here are a couple of lots of tools I picked up at an auction that may be something I can work with: