aaaThe past few days have brought gorgeous Indian Summer weather to New Hampshire.  As a result, I have put off some of my winter preparations (canning, insulating, panicking) to milk as much out of the warm days as possible.

The number one activity that I miss most in the dead of winter is riding my bike.  This summer I rode my bike almost every day and it was great.  Since the calendar turned to fall, the weather had been mostly cool and damp  not the conditions for me – so I was not out on the bike too much.  So I couldn‘t wait to get out over the past few days as the weather was ideal.

The fall colors are peak right now and around every corner there was one stunning view after another.  I brought my camera on my bike ride and stopped often to take pictures of the stunning fall foliage contrasted with the dark blue sky.  However, I was particular struck by the various road-side signs that have popped up all around – additional “signs” of the season. 

Here is a sampling of some of the “signs” of autumn I found: