LP1I love traveling in the fall.  For the past several years, I have taken a trip in November.  It all started when I changed jobs in November a few years back and I decided to take a trip to London in between gigs.  The next thing I knew, I was several years older and I had taken a vacation in November every year – sometimes back to London and as in the past two years – to Buenos Aires.

This year, I am off to Italy for a week, followed by a week in London.  The former is a trip with my sister to visit my niece who is studying abroad, and the latter is just for the heck of it – I never pass up a chance to visit London and is technically kinda sorta on the way home.

In any case, one of the common denominators on all of my travels are the guidebooks of Lonely Planet.  Whenever I am planning a trip to a new place, one of the first things I do is search out the appropriate guide from Lonely Planet.  There are many choices for guide books out there, but for me the Lonely Planet books are the best.

I have quite a collection of Lonely Planet guides now, including London and Buenos Aires as mentioned, but also Sweden, Prague, Amsterdam, and a few other places I have been fortunate enough to visit in recent years.  I keep these books, and other travel books I have collected through the years, in the main bathroom in the New Hampshire house.  This has become quite the topic of conversation with visitors, who often come out of the bathroom saying they went in planning a trip to satisfy nature and came out feeling like they have visited a somewhat more exotic locale than is Carroll County New Hampshire.

I have purchased the Lonely Planet guides for Italy as a whole, and for Tuscany and Umbria, the regions of Italy where we will be spending most of the trip.  I have been flipping through the books for weeks now and every time I open them up I get excited about the pending trip.

I am also looking forward to taking you along with me on the trip and plan to make frequent post about all the cool things I “find” along the way.  In the meantime, you can read about places you always dreamed about through the great guides of Lonely Planet.

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