PANDLI am still trying to recover from not visiting Chicago this past summer as I had for the previous ten years or so.  This means that when I do make it back there I will be even more excited than usual to take in all the arts, culture and coolness the Great American City has to offer.

One Chicago shop I am definitely making a note to visit is P&L, a little boutique that appears to be high on the hip and cool scale, even if I am not.

About P&L“P+L is located in the lakeview east neighborhood in Chicago on a slightly off the beaten path strip of Clark street. you could say we’re a local boutique with global offerings. family owned and operated, we like to think of our place as an extension of ourselves, so we take things personally for better or for worse. step inside and you’ll find a unique space that’s both modern, yet warm and handmade. it’s the backdrop for the unique items we carry, hailing from around the world, but of course from right  here in Chicago as well. our aim is to present a uniquely edited  collection of men’s, women’s and most recently children’s apparel and accessories that meet our standards of quality and design and hopefully go on to become a part of your personal style.”

I like the Skunkfunk CB627 men’s messenger bag: “durable polyurethane outer shell with100% cotton printed lining, snap button closures, multiple exterior and interior pockets, nice low-key bag but definitely not the run of the mill.”  Carrying this bag around the city is bound to raise my coolness factor at least a little bit, right?

Find the Happywear” from Chicago’s P&L here.