tf7It looks like this Sunday is going to be another beautiful autumn day here in New England – sunshine and in the 60s.  It sounds like a perfect day for one final sale at Todd Farm in Rowley, MA before we pack everything away for the winter.

We plan to set up our tent at Todd Farm this Sunday – October 23, 2011 to display our vast collection of vintage items -mostly “smalls” including more from my mother’s vast button and sewing item collections.  New this week will be hundreds of vintage marbles from an unpicked collection – last week we brought a few marbles and sold them all to eager collectors.

We also have some nice vintage camera items and plenty of old tools and license plates – all of which have been popular items in the past.

But most of our fans come to see us for the buttons – and we will have many new to market this weeks – as well as a bargain bucket of newly marked down bags of previously picked buttons.  So stop by early and often – look for our white tent behind the barn.

This will definitely be our last visit to sell at Todd Farm this year as it is off to Europe next week for some R&R  and then we into the holidays.  So join us this Sunday!

[Todd Farm is an antique and collectibles market in Rowley, MA – open Sundays, April-November.]