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Today we took the train from Assisi to Perugia – the main city in Umbria and home of a treasure trove of art and history.

Here is a major site in Perugia – the statue atop the Fontana Maggiore (ca 1280):


It seems that I am always away from home on Halloween.  This year I am in Italy and the past couple of years I was in or traveling to Argentina.  Halloween is not really a big holiday in Italy or Argentina, although I spotted small nods to the day here and there in both places.

I wanted to make sure I took time to pause and wish everyone out there a happy Halloween.

My good friend Lynda is a big fan of the day, and I am so happy to know she is celebrating with her beloved niece and nephews.  Lynda – who runs the Grateful Evermore blog – has held pumpkin carving parties in the past and is always doing something special for the season.

One year I showed up at her house to find the coolest Halloween decoration ever – a skeleton in a coffin candelabra.  I loved it!  I guess I raved so much about it that Lynda made a note.  One day not long after, I arrived home from work to find a package.  I opened it up to find my very own a skeleton in a coffin candelabra – a gift from Lynda.

Knowing I would be away on Halloween this year I took my skeleton in a coffin candelabra out a little early and lit it every night for a week leading up to my trip.  Thanks to Lynda and memories of Halloweens past, I got to celebrate this year even though I am so far away.

So, I wish you a great day and hope you get more treats than tricks!
My a skeleton in a coffin candelabra in use this season:


The wine bottle candle holders Lynda sent to me this year – very cool: