Following a week in Italy and a week in London, I have been having a little bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things.  I arrived back in New Hampshire Monday evening to find things had changed quite a bit in the two weeks I was gone.

Any leaf that had been clinging to its tree before I left was long blown away and everything had the grey and brown hue of late fall.  Indeed, there was a rather large early snowstorm while I was away and although most of the snow had melted, it was evident more was to come.

Anyway, I got right to work cleaning things up and finishing up all the projects I wanted to complete before winter.  I also began preparation for Thanksgiving – it has been decided that I will host dinner here in the old family home.  It will be the first time my mother has been to the house since we moved my parents out two years ago.  It will be an interesting and emotional event I am sure.

However, I am very excited about it and I have put together a great menu.  In the coming days I will share some of the dishes I plan on making and other thoughts about preparing for Thanksgiving.

I will also be posting more of the things I “found” in Italy and London, but I will spread them out among my regular musings.  Last but not least, beginning on December 1, I will be begin my third annual Christmas postings, with holiday finds, gift ideas, and ways to give back.

In the meantime, here is a picture my sister sent me today.  I was traveling in Italy with my sister and her daughter (my niece) and we all took many photographs.  My sister is a great photographer and enjoys taking panoramas of various settings.  This is a panorama she did of St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City – a composite of about 10 separate pictures she took.  Very cool!