BB1I have prepared dozens of turkey dinners with all the fixings for the family over the years.  Since I was a little kid I helped my mother prepare Christmas dinners, Thanksgivings, and holiday “family dinners” we had for many years. I have it all down now and know how to plan everything down to the minute to ensure a timely dinner.

That said, I am a little nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  I know it will all go well, but there are so many moving parts.  The dinner is a big part of it, but the fact that this will be the first time the whole family has assembled in the old homestead since my parents moved out two years ago, carries a whole set of uncertainty.

My dad has been up to visit a couple of times since moving away, but my mother has not.  Over the past two years my mother has said many times that she did not want to return to the house as it would be too emotional.  However, we have convinced her that it would be a good thing for her to see the house alive again with my oversight.  So we shall see. 

I have a nice dinner planned, with a turkey as the centerpiece.  One of the great things the Butterball turkey company does is help people prepare thanksgiving dinner.  For many years Butterball ran a hotline for nervous chefs – and they still do – but they also have a great website that answers every question you may have about preparing a turkey dinner. 

I bought a fresh bird from a local vendor, but the cooking tips Butterball offers come in handy none-the-less.

I am just thankful for a fresh bird so I don’t have the “still frozen” horror you hear about. 

Check out Butterballs’ turkey preparation tips here.