ls1I fancy myself as some sort of artist as well as an art collector and critic.  I like all kinds of art and always have my eyes open for finding interesting works wherever I go.

After a week in Italy gazing at some of the world’s most amazing works of art, and touring around the master works in London’s fine museums, I was truly overwhelmed with it all.  However, I was delighted to discover the work of British artist L.S. Lowry at the Tate Museum in London.

Laurence Stephen (L.S.) Lowry (1887-1976) is by no means one of the great masters of the ilk in the museums of Florence and London.  However, his charming “primitive” or “naïve” style was refreshing and charmed me.

L.S. Lowry was known mostly for his drawings and paintings of industrial and city scenes in Northern England.  His work is not realistic and has a bit of whimsy, especially when people are depicted.  I can’t say I “discovered” L.S. Lowry, as he seems to be somewhat of a British national treasure, but he is new to me and I am enjoying reading more about him and seeing his work.

On a whim, while still in London, I looked into what it would take to purchase one of his works.  One search uncovered a major work that was coming to auction soon, with an estimated sale price of over £3 million.  I think I am going to need to stick to admiring his work in museums and galleries and stick to “finding” my new artists at the flea market.


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