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cb1We are well into our third annual Lost Cowboy Days of Christmas, featuring our “Holiday Finds” – but there are some things that are worth a special shout-out.  Such is the case with the awesome Wireless Peanuts Band from Hallmark.

Lynda and I stumbled upon these at local card store in Wolfeboro, NH which features Hallmark products and I knew then and there that I needed them in my collection.  I love the Peanuts, especially Snoopy, and nothing in our pop culture shouts Christmas to me as much as these guys.

Hallmark has done an amazing job through the years in curating great collectibles and premiums for their customers.  The Wireless Peanuts Band is made up of four individual Peanuts characters playing instruments: Charlie on the sax, Lucy on the flute, Snoopy on the electric guitar, and of course Schroeder on his piano.  They each stand alone and play a Christmas song.  However, when one or more of them are put together they play an arrangement of their songs in synch – it is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my (scarily long) adult life. 

I am told these are getting hard to find so if you want them, head out to your local Hallmark retailer.  The are not cheap, they each retail from $29.95 but are discounted to $14.95 each with purchase.  For a Peanuts fan and Christmas kitsch lover like me, these things are priceless.

Check out the Wireless Peanuts Band from Hallmark online.

Be sure to watch the demo!


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