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PWU1I know you all have been waiting for an update on how my experience with my Paper White bulbs is going.  Well, as I mentioned the other day I was looking forward to using the bulbs in my Christmas decorations.

Most of the time people put the bulbs in some sort of glass receptacle with small stones at the bottom to hold water and allow the bulbs to root.  Lynda suggested that I try using cranberries instead of stones in glass jars.  I loved the idea, so I found some empty mason jars and loaded them up with cranberries, and then water. 

The first problem I ran into was that unlike small stones, cranberries float when submersed in the water.  My solution was simple: put only enough water in to cover the berries, not enough to have them float.  This served a couple of purposes, first the no float thing, but it also provides a nice base for the bulb to rest on and the roots to grow without rotting the bulb.

The result was an attractive jar that will only get better once the flowers grow.  I will provide an update as I progress.  Keep your fingers crossed.



Perfect for wrapping your treasures – vintage ribbon from Hyman Hendler.


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