CC3A good calendar can be a work of art.  Heck, I if you are going to have something on your wall or desk all year, you had better like looking at it.  I like calendars featuring the work of a favorite artist.  Over the years I have had many calendars featuring the works of great artists.  One of my favorites was a desk calendar with the art of Henri Matisse.

So I was thrilled to find a new Matisse calendar featuring his cut-outs as part of TASCHEN’s Cloth Calendar series.

About TASCHEN’s Cloth Calendar series: “TASCHEN’s Cloth Calendars are high-quality, hardcover cloth-bound books featuring one week and one full-page image per spread. Keep your days bright, your mind cultivated, and your life organized with one of these lavish diaries. Your desk will thank you.”

I can’t wait for my Matisse Cut-out Calendar to arrive so I can admire it throughout 2012.