PWNY1I know many of you have been waiting to see how my paper white bulbs have turned out.  So on this first day of the new year I am proud to say my first attempt to force paper white blooms as part of my holiday has been a great success.

As I hoped, the paper white bulbs – which I put in mason jars with cranberries – bloomed just in time to welcome the new year.  I was so excited to see the pretty white flowers and am so thankful to my good friend Lynda for introducing them to me.

I am already looking forward to next Christmas when I will start the bulbs earlier so I can enjoy the blossoms over the holiday.  I will also continue to use cranberries in the jars to hold the roots and water (as opposed to the usual small rocks) to add that extra seasonal decorating touch.

My success with the paper whites has me excited for spring, when I am going to try to grow all manner of flowers for my gardens from seeds.

In the meantime, as the new year blooms, I wish you all the beauty and growth that these flowers represent.

Happy New Year!