I am not ready to say that I am fully embracing winter quite yet, but I will say my earlier demonstrations of a fear of my first full winter in the north country were a tad overstated.  That said, as far as New England winters go it has been relatively mild so far, so I reserve my right to complain as we move into the true winter months of January and February.

In the meantime, I think it is safe to say that I have decided to “cautiously” embrace winter and enjoy the beauty and special joys of the season.

For example, the other morning I woke to find that we were treated to a light dusting of snow over night.  It was just enough to coat everything and make the landscape bright and clean.  I figured I should run the plow shovel across the driveway so it would not freeze over later.  As a scraped the snow off the pavement, I noticed that my boot prints where I had walked on the snow earlier had created a neat reverse footprint effect. 

OK, I thought it was cool…