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My latest picture of the ever-changing landscape that is Mount Chocorua from Tamworth, NH in the cold late afternoon. The lake is pretty much frozen over now and snow covering the granite peak.

I am looking forward to the whole landscape being covered with snow.  Yes, I said I was looking forward to more snow…


RT1Something about a new year always has me thinking of clocks and watches – I guess it is the thing about time moving on.

Anyway, my obsession with watches is well documented.  I have dozens of watches – most of which I actually wear in a rotation.  However, I am always on the lookout for new watches and I recently came across the cool  watch designs of RumbaTime.

About RumbaTime:  “Best friends from college, Joe Anto, Drew Deters and Jay Hartington shared a love of adventure, discovery, and living life to its fullest. Reunited in NYC, the three of them started RumbaTime with the simple idea of making time keep up with your life, instead of the other way around. All RumbaTime watches are designed to be cool, comfortable & fun – in styles and colors as diverse as personalities. They look great alone or stacked together, and are the perfect accessory for adding a streak of color while working out or just gallivanting around town. RumbaTime watches are the ultimate accessory for life on the go!”

I like the green Amazon watch from RumbaTime’s Mercer collection – named for one of New York’s coolest streets, this watch is as chic and hip as the people who frequent the many boutiques and restaurants that we love there.”

See all the RumbaTime watches here.