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Please forgive this self-indulgent post…  But I am obsessed with my paper whites (thanks again Lynda from Grateful Evermore) and am amazed at their continuing beauty.

Here is a picture I snapped today of the blossoms, channeling m inner Georgia O’Keefe…



ASC1We love everything and everyone named Alice.  That is just a fact.  So following this credo, we fell in love with the Alice Supply Company, purveyors of household items with a little extra flare.

Picture things like dust pans, garden hoses and plungers – usually not the prettiest items in your home – with fun colors and cool designs.

asc2My favorite – no surprise – is this really cool Union Jack Tool Box, one of many ordinary household items given a fresh new look by the Alice Supply Company.

One other cool note about Alice Supply Company: According to their back story, the name Alice is a nod to the Brady Bunch’s maid. 

I told you we live everyone and everything named Alice.

See all of the “Hip Housewares” of Alice Supply Company here.