BM1One of my New Year resolutions is to be a better organizer of my papers and things.  My desk is covered with all sorts of things like magazine clippings, pictures and letters.  I am constantly making piles and moving things around.

My problem is less about the organizing – I do a good job of sorting and keeping like things together – but more about keeping the piles straight.  I have come to understand that what I really need are paperweights to keep on top of each pile to help me keep track of what’s what.

Which brings me to the lovely paperweights I discovered at Bernard Maisner.

About Bernard Maisner: “Bernard Maisner is an internationally renowned master calligrapher and stationer. His name is synonymous with luxury and the most high-profile society events and special occasions. With more than 30 years experience, Maisner’s custom calligraphy is instantly recognizable and his stationery sets are unparalleled worldwide.”

I am particularly fond of Bernard Maisner’s Elephant Paperweights.

See the paperweights of Bernard Maisner here.