WR1You may have noticed that aside from watches, you haven’t really seen too many posts about jewelry here on Lost Cowboy.  This is mostly due to the fact that I know very little about jewelry and leave it to others to alert you to great finds in that world.

However, every now and then I see jewelry and related items that cross my path which I find interesting.  Such is the case with Where’s Romeo.

About Where’s Romeo!: “Started in October 2006 by two best friends, WR?! from the beginning has set out to help facilitate the customer as designer. Cheryl continues this custom process today, as well as providing a weekly expanding collection of her own designs. Inspired and influenced by her many travels to far flung destinations, street fashion, and the wonderful women in her life, WR?! is jewelry for all people with signature style and a story to tell.”

I like things that are eclectic and bring pieces together that otherwise would seem strange, like Where’s Romeo’s Lucky 7 – the type of charm jewelry that I fancy I would make if I were ever to make jewelry.

Check out all the inspired jewelry designs of Where’s Romeo here.