BAST1While I am adjusting to my first winter in the northern hills of New England, thanks to my weather app on my iPod, I am constantly aware of the weather in Buenos Aires where it is summer.  While I am looking for a clean pair of long johns, the folks in Argentina are enjoying sun and temperatures in the 80’s.

When I see the weather on the other side of the equator, I am reminded of my two trips to Buenos Aires in recent years and yearning to return.  On those trips to Buenos Aires, one of the things that made me fall in love with the city was the delightful barrio of San Telmo – a charming district with old world charm and the center of the city’s vibrant arts and antiques community.

On Sundays, San Telmo is the site of an amazing street fair that runs for several blocks through the neighborhood – much like Saturdays on London’s Portobello Road. I was going though my notes from my last trip and came across my remarks about one of the artists I met at the San Telmo market, Ovidio Wain.

Ovidio Wain is an assemblage artist and creates things out of found objects that are creative and just plain cool.  My medium as an artist is assemblage, so I was very much interested in Mr. Wain’s work and inspired by meeting him.

Now I can’t wait to get to work on my own creations and get my frozen butt back to Argentina as soon as possible.
Check out the “creaciones” of assemblage artist Ovidio Wain here.

From my personal photos archives – Mr. Wain’s works on display in the San Telmo market, November 2010:


From my personal photos archives – a hint of the charm of a Sunday in San Telmo, November 2009: