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Here’s my latest picture of the ever-changing landscape that is Mount Chocorua across the frozen Lake Chocorua in Tamworth, NH.

This was taken yesterday when it was about 5 degrees out and the wind sweeping off the lake from the north was a killer.  However, once again, the scenery doesn’t disappoint.   I love the low winter’s morning sunlight that casts the long shadows of the pine trees across the frozen lake.

The beauty of winter in northern New England.


DT1I can tell you how often I tear through the house looking for a piece of string or twine to help tie up a bundle of paper or wrap a birthday present and I can’t find anything.  This is where the good people at Whisker Graphics come in.  The have a great line of baker’s twine that is perfect for any possible situation where twine could be used.

About Whisker Graphics: “Whisker Graphics is the creative out-pouring of Whitney Beard. Founded in June of 2008, Whisker Graphics was a long time in the making. Whitney’s love of design and paper goods started when, as a child, she would save her allowance to buy sales receipt booklets and bookkeeping journals (oh, those grids made her little heart skip a beat!) and progressed over the years to include a degree in Graphic Design and the appreciation of all things paper and crafty.”

The Whisker Graphics product I like is the “Divine Twine” which is just great.  Divine Twine is described as: “made from 100% cotton so it’s soft to the touch, bio-degradable and earth-friendly. Plus the 4-ply construction makes it nice and strong. It’s produced in the USA in mouth-watering colors that look good enough to eat. Each spool contains 240 yards, enough to last a long time, yet easy to store”

Check out Whisker Graphics here.

See their line of “Divine Twine” here.