FOOLOver the holidays I read The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror a short novel by Christopher Moore and laughed myself silly.  I was drawn to this book for a couple of reasons:  First, I was looking for a more contemporary Christmas story that included a little bit of ghost activity; and second, I have read and loved other works by Christopher Moore in the past.

Mr. Moore’s book Fool – A Novel, first released in 2009, was one of the most delightful books I have ever read.  After reading, The Stupidest Angel, I was reminded just how much I liked Mr. Moore’s other work and re-read Fool and enjoyed it all over again.

About Fool – A Novel by Christopher Moore: “Verily speaks Christopher Moore, much-beloved scrivener and peerless literary jester, who hath writteneth much that is of grand wit and belly-busting mirth, including such laureled bestsellers of the Times of Olde Newe Yorke as Lamb, A Dirty Job, and You Suck: A Love Story. Now he takes on no less than the legendary Bard himself (with the utmost humility and respect) in a twisted and insanely funny tale of a moronic monarch and his deceitful daughters—a rousing story of plots, subplots, counterplots, betrayals, war, revenge, bared bosoms, unbridled lust . . . and a ghost (there’s always a bloody ghost), as seen through the eyes of a man wearing a codpiece and bells on his head.”

OK, so that official description of the book may be a little hard to understand, but at its essence, Fool is a send-up of the works of William Shakespeare with much owed to King Lear in particular.  The idea of a Shakespeare parody may seem overdone and/or uninteresting to many, but trust me when I say the clever wit and sharp writing of Mr. Moore will win you over on the first page.

Fool is a delight from the very beginning and had me laughing out loud much more than any other book I have ever read – seriously.  There are so many clever turns-of-phrase that I found myself re-reading and appreciating many of them.  Fool turned out to be the perfect antidote from the heavier non-fiction books I have been reading lately.

By the way, I loved Mr. Moore’s The Stupidest Angel and recommend that as well.  Even though the story centers around Christmas, it is certainly something you can enjoy any time.  Especially if you like an extremely funny story that includes a little zombie action.  That’s all I am saying.

Fool by Christopher Moore is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

The Stupidest Angel is also available from Amazon and other booksellers.