ASC.TEAI have posted about the wonderful Atlantic Spice Company before, but today I am compelled to mention them yet again.  I visit the Atlantic Spice Company store in Truro, Massachusetts every summer as part of my Cape Cod vacation to pick up bulk spices, salts and teas.  However, thankfully, the Atlantic Spice Company has a website where you can order the same great products and have them delivered to your door wherever you are whenever you want.

This weekend, while entertaining a friend who braved the below zero temperatures to visit me in the New Hampshire North County, I served one of the teas I picked up at Atlantic Spice Company this past summer. 

The tea of the moment was Atlantic Spice Company’s Licorice Mint Tea, which despite buying a large bag of it, I had not yet tried.  So I pulled out the bag of loose leaves and loaded up my favorite tea ball and made a nice big pot, which we enjoyed by the raging fire in the wood stove.  The tea was delicious and I have made myself a pot of it every day since – which has sent me back to the Atlantic Spice Company’s website to order more.

About Atlantic Spice Company’s Licorice Mint Tea“This herbal tea is a blend of peppermint leaves, spearmint leaves and licorice root. The combination of these ingredients forms a unique blend of mints and licorice, especially easy to enjoy knowing that it is caffeine-free.”

Needless to say I am big fan of tea and love brewing loose-leaf teas by the pot to enjoy on a winter’s day.  Now with the large bags of teas available on line from Atlantic Spice Company – at very reasonable prices I might add – I am assured of having tea all winter long.  I even have a plan for when my well and pipes freeze: melt snow on the wood stove and brew the tea.  Nothing is going to come between me and my tea.

Visit the Atlantic Spice Company’s tea store here.