41v3ioTDjlL__SS500_OK, I’ll admit it…  I have the winter blues, cabin fever, or caught in a post-holiday funk.  Which may explain why my thoughts are going to travel these days.  When I get the travel bug, I often think of going to one of my favorite destinations, London.

Sure it is winter there too, and London is not exactly the place to go to get sun in January – or any time – but there is so many diversions there I have always had a great time not matter what time of year it is.

Alas, a trip abroad is not in the cards right now, so I have been taking a virtual trip to London by looking at the pictures I took on my last trip there in November.  I was also going through my notes and came across a few things I found in London on that trip that I did not mention here before. 

So in the spirit of my past Friday “Postscript” posts – here are a few of my London “Finds” from my most recent trip…

Trebor Mints

I discovered the gums and mints of Trebor when I was in London and they were awesome.  Now I am looking for a place in the US where I can get them. 

Check out Trebor here.

Wren Press

Also “found“ while rummaging around London‘s Mayfair district, was Wren Press, a fine purveyor of stationary products.  All Lost Cowboy fans know how I love fine stationary, and this stuff is the real deal.

Check out Wren Press here.

SCP London

Also found in London was the contemporary home designs of SCP London.  I loved this place.  Think of a kind of higher grade IKEA, as in cool design that you know will last a long time.  Great furniture and other items for the home that you know you won’t see anywhere else.

Find the cool furnishings of SCP London here.

Now I am off to look at my travel books and dream away the chilly New Hampshire afternoon.

From my April 2011 trip to London – the rear of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square: