MM1I just bought myself a little gift to raise my winter spirits – quite literally.  I purchased a really cool flask embossed with the Union Jack – the perfect combination for a couple of my favorite pursuits – bourbon and the UK.

The flask is made by Metal Morphosis, a purveyor of fine made in the USA metal products.  I looked up their website and found it to be a wholesaler site, but it was fun to look at the products they make like the fine collection of flasks and other bar-related items, as well at kitchenware and specialty items.

About Metal Morphosis“All of our products are made entirely in the USA. Everything is casted in the US and hand finished in our facility in Atlanta. Nothing is outsourced, not even the packaging. Everything is made of either 100% lead-free pewter or sterling silver. The unique way we finish the pewter and the fact that the pewter actually has a percentage of sterling silver really gives it that exceptional shine. All of our materials are FDA approved. They can easily be polished with a pewter polish found in your local hardware stores.”

I can’t wait to get my Union Jack flask and fill it with fine Kentucky bourbon – which seems just a little odd, but precisely what I plan to do.

Although the Metal Morphosis company website is for wholesalers, their products can be found for sale at many retail sites.  I purchased my Union Jack flask on Amazon.

Visit the Metal Morphosis website here.

See Metal Morphosis available from Amazon here.