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It was almost 40 degrees today at the base of Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH – what folks around here refer to as the “January Thaw” even when it has been an unusually mild winter. 

The warm temperatures, and rain over night, caused puddles on the lake.  Once again the mountain and lake create a different look than I’ve seen before.  I love the dramatic dark cloud sharply contrasting with the patch of blue sky – the latter of which can be seen reflected in the puddles in the foreground.

Sadly, the thaw, rain and relatively low snow pack has also postponement this weekend’s planned annual sled dog races that usually start in the middle of frozen Lake Chocorua.  Planners hope to be able to reschedule the races later in the winter.


cg1I don’t golf, but I often thought about taking it up, but in the end I am too lazy to commit to it.  So I will stick with miniature golf, which I stink at, but enjoy from time to time.

Anyway, I thought about golf recently when I cam across the amazing luggage of Club Glove.  Club Glove is a company that made its name in producing top-of-the-line golf bags and related products for golfers.  With their success in the golf world, Club Glove turned their attention to things like luggage and they make some really nice pieces.

I saw a set of Club Glove’s three piece travel system while traveling in November, and I coveted it.  It is great stuff and the system is so cool with three good size pieces connecting to make navigating to and from the airport a breeze.

About Club Glove: “Proudly made-in-the-USA, Club Glove products are preferred by the overwhelming majority of professional golfers on all U.S. Tours. In some capacity Club Glove products have been used by every USA Ryder Cup team since 1997. Club Glove also crafted unique staff bags for all Team USA members and coaches during the 2004 and 2006 Ryder Cups.”

The price point on Club Glove’s afore mentioned “Three Piece Ensemble” is a little over this starving artist’s price point, but I am officially placing it on my wish list should I come into money or have to register for impending nuptials.  The fact that your Lost Cowboy hasn’t had a date in nearly a decade makes the latter highly unlikely, but I love the luggage!

See all the fine products of Club Glove here.