JNL1In recent years I have been keeping my notes on cooking and recipes online or in files on my laptop.  As a result, I am often balancing the computer on the counter trying to see the recipe, and sometimes trying to refresh the screen with my elbow when my hands are covered in some sort of dough.

I often think – there must be a better way!  Of course there is and that is the way people have kept their recipes for years – in a genuine recipe box.

My mom has a recipe box, a well used metal note card box, which she has carefully curated for decades with note cards of her classics and the occasional magazine clipping or notes from friends.  Looking through her recipe box is like taking a journey through the past remembering all the times my mom made a special treat or a favorite dinner.  In fact, there is a recipe in there for something called “Favorite Dinner” – something my mother through together one night when we were kids, we loved it, and a tradition was born.

Anyway, I don’t think my online recipe source will ever be replaced by going back to note cards, but I do like the idea of creating an old school file with a set of my most often used recipes to keep in the kitchen for quick reference.

Meanwhile, I found some nice upscale recipe boxes at Jack and Lulu.

About Jack and Lulu’s Recipe Boxes: “Our recipe box consists of a hinged, lucite box that measures 6.5 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 5 inches high. The hinged lid has a small tray that holds a recipe card for easy viewing.  Comes with chocolate brown tabs and 50 lined recipe cards.”

I think I will be looking for a vintage box to house my recipes, but I absolutely love the idea that recipe boxes, like the ones offered by Jack and Lulu, are alive and well.