RWSW1I love old stoneware and have a few pieces around the house serving various purposes: holding kitchen utensils, hiding bathroom cleaner, storing pens and pencils, etc.

Although most of my pieces are mismatched, damaged and gritty flea market finds, I was thrilled to come across the new stoneware still being produced by folks like Red Wing Stoneware.  According to their website, Red Wing Stoneware “continue(s) to produce limited editions and specialty advertising pieces here in Red Wing, Minnesota USA.”

I like Red Wing’s collection of crocks, which come in various sizes and offer a nice variety of opportunities for use around the house.

About Red Wing Stoneware Crocks“Be the envy of the neighborhood with your own hand-thrown Red Wing crock. Enhance the decor of any room with this decorative yet functional piece that is sure to become an heirloom. These multi-purpose crocks are excellent for storing kindling, magazines and newspapers, holding a small Christmas tree, making corned beef, sauerkraut, and pickles, or keeping beverages cold on ice.”

I am a big fan of celebrating and supporting companies – like Red Wing Stoneware – that are still producing traditional products in the good old Unites States of America.

Visit the Red Wing Stoneware website here.