lcvI am pretty sure most of the Valentines I receive this year (if I receive any) will be tiny little pieces of thin paper with images from Disney’s Cars 2 on them.  Someday even these little gems will have a nostalgic look to them.  In the meantime, I enjoying looking at vintage Valentines like the kind that at well curated at the online Vintage Valentines Museum.

The Vintage Valentines Museum has hundreds of old Valentines sorted by category and easy to scroll through to enjoy.  I love looking at the artwork and cheeky sayings and wondering what it was like to receive such a card back in the day.

The Vintage Valentines Museum’s collection includes: “tokens of Love or classroom exchanges, valentine cards vary from sincere to silly to some real oddities. Our constantly updated selection includes postcards, flats, mechanicals, pop-ups, dimensional, cartoon characters, honey combs, flats, folded, french-fold, stand-up, shelf-edge sitters, table-top displays and more.”

I encourage you to check out the museum and enjoy the great images and feel like a giddy schoolchild all over again.

Tour the Vintage Valentines Museum here.