ancientageimageLast summer, my brother and sister-in-law took a trip to Kentucky.  Before they left I told them to pick up some bourbon for me while they were there.  Although their trip to Kentucky was not bourbon-related, they did manage to stop for some shopping.  As a result, they presented me with a nice bottle of local bourbon on my birthday which just happened to occur shortly after their return.

When they stopped to purchase the bourbon (at a store they said was called something like “Bourbon World”) they asked the proprietor to recommend a brand that one was not likely to find in New England.  The bottle they gave me was branded Ancient Age, and indeed, I had never seen it before.  Although Ancient Age is not what one would call a “top shelf” bourbon, it was very good and rekindled my interest for collecting various bourbons.

Anyway, bourbon is having a renaissance, and the folks in Kentucky are embracing that fact.  I am now thinking my own trip to Kentucky may be in the cards.  There is a great online resource, called Bourbon Country, which is totally devoted to helping you plan a bourbon-related trip to Louisville and the surrounding Kentucky countryside.

About the Bourbon Country resource:  “Visit Bourbon Country and you will not be disappointed. There’s so much to do here, you won’t know where to start. And that’s where we come in. Let us tell you all about what Bourbon Country has to offer. Build your own Bourbon inspired trip or we’ll be happy to build one for you. Interested in touring our distilleries and seeing where America’s official native spirit is made? The Distilleries of Bourbon Country are just a click away.”

I know there are people out there that may think that a trip like this is silly.  However, visiting distilleries and tasting bourbon is really no different than a trip to Napa for wine lovers.  Ok, well that may be silly too, but hey, I like my bourbon.

Begin planning your visit to Bourbon Country here.