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Last week at this time we were in the middle of a highly unusual warm wave with a few days of temperatures in the low 70s here in New Hampshire’s mountains.  But alas, we all knew it would be short -lived and the reality of a lingering winter is back this week.  However, pictures can be deceiving.  Last week with the warm temperatures Lake Chocorua still had ice cover.  This week, with temperatures in the low 20s and gusty winds, the lake looks ready for swimming.

Take a closer look…  notice the ice that has formed on the branches of the tree in the bottom left of this picture – the result of the wind splashing the icy water on the shore.  Once again, I am amazed by the different look of this great scene.  Often the lake is so calm it is a giant mirror, today with the wind it looks like the open ocean.

Below see the icicles that formed on the bridge that crosses over Lake Chocorua (at the foot of the glorious Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH.


DMWTI love living in New Hampshire.  I love most everything about the state, save for its shape.  Take New Hampshire off the map of the United Sates and it looks like you have a misshaped slice of pizza or piece of pie.  Turn it upside down and you have, well… Vermont.

Now Texas, there you have a state with a great shape!

So you can see how I fell in love with this Texas table from Stately Tables, a company dedicated to making tables shaped like U.S. sates – and I love them!

About the tables of Stately Tables:  “Stately Tables are hand-crafted in upstate New York. The majority of our tables are made from locally-milled Hemlock beams. We also repurpose salvaged wood, such as Maple, Pine, Chestnut and Oak, which can be requested upon availability.”

These tables would be a great addition to a room you are looking to spice up a little bit.  I am sure you can find a shape that makes a statement (sorry).  I would go in for New Hampshire-shaped coffee table for my beloved screen porch, but I would hate for people sitting on the wrong side of it thinking I am honoring that Green Mountain state accross the river.

See all the great tables of Stately Tables here.