I took advantage of a couple of bad weather days this week to start my vegetable seeds.  It may seem kind of late to some, but there are still hard frosts in this part of New England and we are still weeks away from being able to transfer outside.  So I am taking my time.

I also learned a lesson from last year when I spent many days growing hundreds of plants from seed only to have a ground hog eat most of them the first night they were in the garden.  So this year I am starting only a few trays and will buy some more mature plants at a local nursery when I am ready to transplant to my outside garden.

For starting my seeds I love the peat starters pods from Plantation Products which I buy in bulk and place in trays I have kept from past years.

The peat starters are fun – you just add water and they expand, allowing you to insert the seeds.  The pods retain the moisture and help get the seeds started.

My peat pods expanding:


New this year are my plant identifiers using this vintage label maker I found in the barn:


I love the look of the labels that come out of this thing and the noise it make as you clip each one brings me back to my childhood.

Last year I used popsicle sticks and wrote on them with a marker.  However, I learned quickly that the wood of the sticks sucked up moisture and smudged the writing. So this year I am using the sticks with the labels attaches – and it looks pretty cool.  I will keep you posted on my progress.