VG1I drink a ton of water.  However, I have a big problem with buying big packs of little bottles.  So I tend to buy large jugs of water and transfer it to any number of water bottles I have hanging around.  So I am always looking for new and interesting water bottles.  I recently came across Vitality Glassware, who utilize “bio-violet glass” for a line of water bottles and other products.

About Vitality Glassware‘s Water Bottles: “The healthiest water has always been found in high mountain springs, upwelling naturally and properly structured. As it flows to its destination, we pump the water through extensive plumbing and treatment systems. This exposes it to light, chemicals, and violent turbulence and pressures which physically damage the H2O microclusters, causing bunching and deformities of the molecules so their natural penetration through our cell walls is impaired. In as little as two hours in room light, VIOLIV glassware begins restructuring your water to its correct molecular configurations, for proper intercellular hydration and more efficient consumption of ‘healthier’ water.”

There may be some science to these products, or not, but I just like the way they look.

The one liter water bottle from Vitality Glassware can be purchased from Amazon.

Find out more about Vitality Glassware here.