BWToday, we have found yet another repurposed farm tool – the Pitchfork Side Chair from Bradford Woodworking – which is functional and fun and would be the perfect addition to the modern country home.

About The Pitchfork Side Chair from Bradford Woodworking: “The Pitchfork Side Chair lives in the heart of Brad’s design concept. New life and purpose is given to the ax handles that Brad had seen during his childhood on the farm. Solid ash wood is turned on a century old ax handle lathe. A ripple texture is created as the lathe cuts a continuous spiral down the length of the wood blank. These legs are then sanded by hand and cut to length. They are then joined to the solid cherry seat by a through tenon fastened with a solid walnut wedge.”

I love an old table with a bunch of different chairs around it.  A chair like the Pitchfork Side Chair from Bradford Woodworking would be a great addition to any eclectic seating scheme.

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