aa1As Lost Cowboy fans know, I am a sucker for old books – and my trip to Brimfield last week resulted in a really great find.

Lynda spotted a well-worn copy of “The Child’s History of the United States” by Charles A. Goodrich, which is just so cool.  This edition is dated 1884, a reprint of the original some 40 years prior.  This copy, which I purchased straight away for about $5 (bundled with a painting), is fragile, but complete. 

Just holding a 125 year old book in  your hand gets you thinking about all those who held it before you.  As a schoolbook in particular, I think about the children who poured through this volume back in the day when books and media and general were much more scarce than they are today.

Lynda, aware of the condition, said that the book with its great illustrations may contribute to some of my assemblages.  This she said respectfully, knowing how much I value books.  What I will end up doing with it is left to be seen.  In the meantime, I have be researching the book and reading bits and pieces of it.

It turns out that “The Child’s History of the United States” by Charles A. Goodrich, was indeed a very early U.S. history book and was a staple in schoolhouses across this great land for many years.

My newfound copy is delicate.  But thanks to the wonders of the electronic age I don’t have to risk damaging my copy anymore as I learn more about it, as I found a digitized copy of an earlier version on Google books.  I also found a nice online version from the University of Michigan.

Like many other great vintage finds, this book is more than a curious relic saved from a antique market – it is a portal back in time.

A sample of the book’s illustrations:


The book’s title page: