ADLERI have to admit that I go through toilet paper – excuse me, bathroom tissue – like crazy.  I use the stuff for everything from its intended use to blowing my nose, killing spiders and pretty much anything else you can image.

Like so many other people, I find it a big challenge to figure out the best way to keep extra rolls on hand in the bathroom for the inevitable moment when the old roll runs out.  My grandmother had lovely crocheted skirts worn by dolls that sat on the back of the toilet covering a spare roll. I have seen things like clowns as well.

Anyway, I recently saw a promotional campaign from Cottonelle, offering limited edition bathroom tissue covers designed by designed Jonathan Adler, and they are actually kind of cool.

Learn more on Cottonelle’s special website – (I love it!)

Find out how to order the Jonathan Adler-designed bathroom tissue covers from Cottonelle here.