jekkaI know I owe you an update on the status of my garden.  I will get right on that, but I pretty much have been nurturing my various seedlings until it is time to transfer them to my containers.

In the meantime, I have been getting excited about having a garden full of fresh herbs again. Although I mostly grow the basics – basil, rosemary, etc. – I am trying to diversify and start some more exotic herbs.  My motivation is the wonderful work of Jekka McVicar, who is a noted herb expert in the UK.

Ms. McVicar has a great cookbook, Jekka’s Herb Cookbook, which is enough to inspire anyone to try new herbs and make some wonderful dishes.

About Jekka’s Herb Cookbook: Jekka’s Herb Cookbook is a unique and beautiful volume containing over 250 original recipes, such as ‘Stevia Lemonade’, ‘Tree Spinach Mash’ and ‘Violet Apple Cake.’ Jekka’s top 50 culinary herbs, with a foreword by Jamie Oliver. This cookbook has many of the recipes Jekka McVicar freely shares with anyone she comes into contact with: whether it’s an audience at one of her popular talks, or someone like me visiting her herb farm for the first time. The recipe she gave me is in this book (salmon and lemongrass parcel, which is yummy) along with another 249 taken from 3 generations of her and her family’s cooking, plus those given by famous chefs, friends and staff at the herb farm.”

Learn more about Ms. McVicar and her Herb Farm here.

Jekka’s Herb Cookbook is available from Amazon and other book retailers.