They’re baaack…

I have mixed feelings about Memorial Day Weekend.  Not the holiday, that is something I honor, but the long weekend that kicks off the summer tourist season.  Living in this beautiful part of the world (the mountains of New Hampshire) is a blessing.  But the start of the summer brings the tourists.  While it is nice to live in a place so many people want to visit because its natural beauty, it can be a pain for us locals.

While the crowds come with the unofficial start of summer, so do the many great activities the area has to offer.  In addition to all the things you can do to take advantage of the setting (hiking, climbing, kayaking, etc.) there are all the fairs, theaters, festivals, concerts and such that thrive during the all too short summer in New Hampshire.

Anyway, I choose to embrace all the area has to offer even if it means putting up with some annoyances.  Besides, I know all the ins and outs of how to avoid the worst hassles and enjoy everything.

This weekend I plan to get up early on Saturday and head north.  My strategy is to head north before the inevitable traffic heading into the area and work my way back south.  I plan on hitting a few arts and crafts festivals, a few farmers’ markets, and every yard and barn sale I can find.  With any luck I will be back in the safe confines of the old homestead with a car full of cool finds in plenty of time to enjoy something cooked on the grill.

Back to the farm…

But Sunday is the big day as I plan to set up at Todd Farm for the first time this season, weather permitting. Todd Farm is the wonderful seasonal flea market and antique sale in Rowley, MA that takes place every Sunday in season and attracts hundreds of dealers and buyers from all over.

I have been looking forward to selling at Todd Farm all winter and I have plenty of great things to offer.  I will have more of the great buttons and sewing collectibles from my mother’s vast collection, as well as some cool new vintage finds I picked up over the winter. 

If you are in New England and within a hour or two of Rowley, MA, I highly recommend a visit to this great market.  It is a nice daytrip.  After visiting Todd Farm, you are a short drive from Newburyport and Cape Ann.

So, we will be there in our white tent behind the barn from about 6AM – 1:00PM.  The forecast looks fine right now, but check back here (or on our Facebook page) early Sunday morning for the definite “go/no-go” in case the weather changes.  Todd Farm is pretty much open rain or shine, but I am a wimp, so yeah, I don’t like selling in the rain.

In any case, I will report back on the day here, so you won’t miss a thing.

Remember the day…

Whatever you have planned for the Memorial Day weekend, I hope you enjoy it.  However, I hope you do take a few minutes to honor the purpose of the holiday and reflect on those past and present who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom.