dingI will be traveling to Arkansas in a couple of weeks.  When I mention this, many of my provincial New England friends and neighbors ask “why would you want to do a thing like that?”

Well, it is a long story which will play out over time.  However, I have to say, if Arkansan Martin Dingman‘s fine leather goods is an example of the stuff that can be found there…  I love the place already.

According to his marketing, designer Martin Dingman’s footwear and accessories “are coveted by men of integrity, men whose souls resonate with the adventurous spirit of his ancestors, and men of uncompromising principles and unwavering strength.”  I am such a man!

I love many of Mr. Dingman’s products, but I absolutely covet his Rudyard Billet Bag.

About Martin Dingman‘s Rudyard Billet Bag: “The Rudyard Travel Collection was created by Martin Dingman in the spirit of fine equestrian saddlery. The versatility, function, and elegant design make this superb collection a perfect companion for the sophisticated traveler. The complete Rudyard Travel Collection is designed for men and women, and is perfect at the office or a weekend at the cabin. The billet bag is the perfect companion for your laptop or other computing devices. The authentic tumbled saddle leather will become more beautiful with age and provide years of dependability.”

More on the Arkansas thing soon. In the meantime, just a reminder, I have a birthday coming up…  Hint!  Hint!

Find all of the fine leather goods of Martin Dingman here.