plant3I have been remiss in providing updates on my container garden.  Well, the quick update is that I am pretty much all transferred to my outside containers and the plants seem to be doing well.  However, we have had a ton of rain over the past few days and I am hoping the plants don’t get too soggy.

You may recall last year when the day after I transferred all my plants outside I found that some critter had chomped them all to bits.  Although I did not see him action, I was pretty sure it was the groundhog whom I had seen lounging in the backyard a few times.

This season, I had not seen the groundhog (whom I named Groundy) at all.  That was until last week, when just a day after my first set of plants had been transplanted outside he showed up in the middle of the back yard.  A coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Luckily it seem that Groundy had a appetite for dandelions so far.

Groundy caught in the act last week: