CONNLTRThis is the time of year when you see ads for gifts for “dads and grads” – with Fathers’ Day and a slew of college and high school graduations occurring.  It is funny to me that often the gifts highlighted are old-school items like watches, cufflinks, and other “manly” throwbacks to another era when such gifts were marks of major milestones.

Don’t get me wrong – I love these types of gifts and I would give monogrammed flasks and cigar cases to everyone I knew if I thought it would be appreciated.

Anyway, I love the Fathers’ Day ads as way to appreciate the special manly gifts that are out there. There is no better provider of the little luxuries of manhood than Colibri, a maker of old-school smoking accessories and other fine items.

About Colibri: “Colibri has been a household name since 1928, when it first started crafting elegant semi-automatic lighters. Starting from a tiny workshop, the company grew into a global brand with a full lifestyle offering including crafted jewelry, leather goods, pens and smoking accessories.”

I have been looking for a good lighter to have around the house for lighting candles and the occasional cigar.  I think I have found the perfect one at Colibri – the Connaught 2 Lighter.

About the Connaught 2 Lighter from Colibri: “Classic soft flame single action pipe lighter in a black lacquer and polished chrome finish with an oversized flame adjuster.”

Although made for pipes, I think the Connaught 2 Lighter would be perfect to have hanging out on the mantle.  Heck, a pipe that takes its name from one of the greatest old world surnames of the British Isles has got to be good.

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