HG3Last summer – my first season here in my family’s home in the foothills of NH’s White Mountains – I claimed a special place in the house to call my own: the back screened-in porch.

When my parents lived here, they used the back porch as a giant walk-in closet for the most part.  At least once a summer, my sister and I would team up on a visit and clean out the place so we could enjoy it for its intended purpose.  We would have big family dinners out there, I would sit out there and read, and we would all enjoy it until the seasons turned and it became a handy storage area again.

When I moved here I was determined to make the porch a special place to enjoy as much time as possible in the summer.  It is so nice to sit out there and listen to the birds and the rush of the river that runs nearby.  I love watching the hummingbirds come right up to the screen where I hang feeders.  I love spying on Groundy chomping in the yard and eying my container garden that graces the outside stairs that lead into the porch.

One of the things I did to make the room a little more special, was to create of a little art gallery on one of the walls.  I took prints and paintings I collected from flea market and yard sales and hung them on the wall.  The pictures I selected are all images that reminded of the house and/or the lovely region where it sits.  I referred to this rag tag collection of would-be art as a “Hobo’s Gallery.”

My friend Lynda loved the idea of the gallery and the name, and she joined me in officially christening it the Hobo’s Gallery and it became a much loved conversation piece.

I am proud to say that the back porch and the Hobo’s Gallery are both open for another fantastic season.  I am looking forward to many hours out there enjoying the all too short summer.

Scenes from the Gallery: