AGAVEI had a house guest over the weekend and decided it was a good idea to try making scones for the first time.  Lost Cowboy fans know that I don’t consider myself a baker – although I am a pretty decent cook, so this was definitely a milestone.

I came across a recipe for Agave Scones, which uses agave as a sweetener as opposed to refined sugar.  I saw the recipe in a magazine ad for Domino Organic Agave Nectar and looked it up on their website.

I was intrigued by the idea of using agave nectar and thought I would give it a whirl.

About Domino Organic Agave Nectar: “Domino® Organic Agave Nectar is a delicious and natural liquid sweetener that is made from the nectar, or Aguamiel, of a succulent plant called the Agave, which is native to Mexico. Our agave nectar is made from the organically grown Agave azul or Blue Agave — a species that is known to produce the best quality agave nectar for sweetening.”

The recipe (which can be found here) is pretty straight-forward and I decided to make it with dried cranberries as opposed to raisins.  I followed the recipe pretty much as written as I am afraid to experiment too much with baked goods.  However, I did use an egg substitute instead of the real egg, and a butter substitute instead of whole butter in an effort to keep the fat content in check.

I found the dough easy to work with and cut into individual pieces.  The scones backed nicely and came out great – other than a little scorching on the bottoms – which I will try to fix next time I make them.  I think it was a matter of the scones being too big and to ensure they were cooked through the bottoms were sacrificed a little bit.

The result?  A yummy treat and the perfect way to start a Sunday morning with house guests.  BTW, my guest gave the scones a thumbs ups too – so all is well that ends well.  A successful experiment!

Find the Domino Organic Agave Nectar Agave Scones recipe here.

One of my little masterpieces: