vueToday’s find is a little different than what you have come to expect from Lost Cowboy.  However, I think is one of the coolest things out there – the remote video monitoring system from VueZone .

VueZone allows you to set up any number of video cameras around your home (or wherever) so you can monitor activity from a remote location.  For example, you can see how your pets are doing while you are at work or make sure no one is climbing your backyard fence to take a dip in your pool.  Or, as I would use it, to keep an eye on my container garden to keep that pesky groundhog away.

About the VueZone personal video network: “VueZone’s remote video monitoring system is a super simple way to check in on what matters to you, from anywhere! Completely wire-free cameras fit anywhere – and can be viewed from your smartphone, PC, or Mac. Check in on your home, pets, kids, business and more.”

I am seriously looking into this system and I am excited about having a way to keep watch on things while I’m away – even if I am just in another room.

Someone should warn my cat that I will see be on to her.

Read more about the VueZone personal video network here.