SPBTI love bottles.  I have quite a collection of bottles which I use as decoration here and there and occasionally as vases or vessels for other collections.  I also have a secondary collection of glass bottles and jars – one that is taking over my kitchen cabinets as I hoard them as food storage devices.

More often than not I am using a jar for some leftover and end up forcing a too large quantity of food into a too small jar, or a small amount of food in a large jar.  By the way, this glass jar thing of mine is all about trying to minimize my use of plastics in food storage and reheating.

Anyway, I just came across the Mecca of all things bottles, Specialty Bottle, a source for all sorts of bottles, jars, vials – glass and plastic.

About Specialty Bottle:  “Specialty Bottle is a national supplier of glass, plastic and metal containers. We service over 20,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. Many of our customers are in the gourmet food, natural products and candle industries. Most of our customers are small businesses and individuals. On our website, we offer no minimums and no surcharges for small orders – in fact, if you like, you can order just one bottle!”

Looking around at the diverse options available at Specialty Bottle, my mind is swimming with all sorts of ideas of how to use bottles and jars.  There are bottles perfect for creating a new spice collection and even some nice glass jugs perfect for moonshine.  Literally something for everyone.

See all the great products of Specialty Bottle here.