NBI was doing some consolidating around the house the other day and realized that I have a real problem when it comes to notebooks and journals.  I am a sucker for books of blank pages, which I use for taking notes and journaling. 

The problem is that I have way more books waiting to be used than I need.  The real problem is that most of the books I have used in the past have way more pages than I need for whatever use I have assigned to them. I think I have found a solution to this problem – the great reproduction “vintage” notebooks for the wonderful Laughing Elephant.

About Laughing Elephant: “Laughing Elephant is a publisher of books, gifts, and stationery, emphasizing graphic design, great illustration and childhood, friendship and idealism. Laughing Elephant draws upon one of the largest private collections of picture books and pictorial ephemera, to create reproductions of, and products inspired by, vintage images from the Victorian age through the retro sixties.”

Laughing Elephant’s reproduction notebooks are perfect as they feature awesome vintage artwork (like this “all American” bicyclists image) and contain a modest 20 or so lined pages.  The slim notebooks are perfect as you can fill a book easily and move on to another, without any waste.

While I am on the topic of Laughing Elephant, they also have an awesome collection of postcard books featuring reproductions of classic postcards.

See the vintage notebook collection from Laughing Elephant here.

See all the fine products of Laughing Elephant here.