GLOBEI was reminded of this on a Fourth of July visit to my good friend Lynda’s house…

Last summer while trolling the back roads of Cape Cod for yard sales and antique stores, Lynda and I came across a church rummage sale.  Among the great finds we discovered was a vintage globe lamp which Lynda snapped up for something like three American dollars.  I was so jealous and set out to find my very own light-up globe.

My search has come up dry so far, although Lynda and I saw the exact same globe at Brimfield for much more money.  However, my search continues.

The search lead me to 1st Stop Travel Store, an online purveyor of all things globes if not all things global.  1st Stop Travel Store offers a wide selection of globes, from the most ornate globes with stands that are not only a work of art but also a piece of furniture – to the traditional desktop globe.  And of course, much to my delight, they offer a wide range of illuminated globes.

I like the Illuminated Carlyle Desktop World Globe from Replogle Globes“World globe with classic appeal. All the most sought-after features; illumination, raised relief antique design and compact 12-inch diameter are encompassed in this beautiful all-purpose globe. Walnut-finish hardwood base; die-cast semi-meridian.”

At around $90 this is one of the most affordable of the illuminated globes available from 1st Stop Travel Store, and it is really a thing of beauty.  But somehow finding a vintage illuminated globe  at a church rummage sale for $3 makes it priceless.

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