DREThis falls into the category of something I invented but “they” already had.  My most recent obsession is snacking on dry roasted edamame.  A couple of weeks ago, while trying to make room in my cupboard, I combined a half-finished tub of edamame with a half-finished tub of dried cranberries to save space. 

Later, when I took out the combined tub, I was thrilled with what I thought was my own peculiar concoction – dried roasted edamame with cranberries and it was a yummy treat.  The lightly salted edamame rubbed off on the cranberries and it was soooo tasty.

The other day on a trip to my local market, I noticed that they sold packages of dried roasted edamame with dried cranberries.  Go figure.

And now I open a past issue of Whole Living magazine only to find a recipe for the same treat.

The Dry-Roasted Edamame with Cranberries recipe sounds super easy and I am going to try it this week.  Whole Living says this recipe is: “a nice break from nuts, edamame give this unconventional trail mix a satisfying crunch.”  I agree. I love nuts, but often feel that heavy feeling after eating them – when I munch on dried roasted edamame, I feel better.

Find the Dry-Roasted Edamame with Cranberries recipe from Whole Living here.

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