lily.7.12.3I call it my favorite fortnight: the two week period every summer when the ubiquitous orange day lilies announce that summer is finally here to stay.

The orange lily, and all its highly cultivated variations, are my favorite flowers and I seek them from the florist all year to cheer up the house.  But it is when they are blooming in nature that I love them the most.

This year I noticed the blossoms were a little earlier than last year.  I remember walking out of the house on July 1 last year to find the first flower and remember that exactly two weeks later, on Bastille Day, July 14, the very last flower bloomed and faded away the next day.

lily.7.12.1We are in the middle of the lily fortnight right now, which started around June 25 here in New Hampshire, and I am hoping for an extended season.  While I was out on my bike ride today, I noticed so many of the orange lily blossoms growing wild all over the place and it just made me so happy.

I was riding along a field of wildflowers when I noticed a peculiar kind of lily – these yellow flowers that seem to be bowing down instead of worshiping the sun.  They stuck out amongst their orange cousins and there were only these four.  I just had to cut them and bring them home to join my collection.

But like summer itself, the lily season is fleeting, and I for one am looking to make the most of every second of it.

Three varieties of lilies blooming in the yard this year:


Two of my favorite things – summer lilies and my bike: