ART2I received a lot of comments about my “Hobo’s Gallery” posting a couple of weeks ago. 

My Hobo’s Gallery is a collection of paintings and prints I have picked up over time at flea markets, yard sales and such that remind me of the countryside around here in New Hampshire.  I have these little works of art hanging on a wall out in the back screen porch and it makes me happy as I sit out there most evenings in the summer while I write these posts.

I was reminded that a few of the paintings that I have up in the gallery came from a great lot of six small oil paintings I picked up at a flea market last spring.  The six frames, roughly 8”x10”, were originally painted to fill the panes of a window (or so the vendor told me and I am going with it.).

Three of the paintings were perfect for my gallery as they depicted farms, country roads and mountains.  The other three, were seaside scenes – which I also like, but don’t fit my motif right now. 

Here are the original six paintings from when I first purchased them: